The State of Innovation Report – Capability 2018

Creative Leadership Collective, Africa’s first community of corporate intrapreneurs, takes the guess work out of innovation practice in corporate South Africa with a pilot study, The State of Innovation Report – Capability 2018.

  • Corporate leadership may give the thumbs up to innovation, but handing over the cash remains a challenge.
  • Politics, turf protection and the inability to respond to signals critical to the survival of the organisation are top obstacles to innovation and future-proofing the business.
  • Innovation strategy and collaborative links are strong, but the ability to learn from initiatives and put the best enablers in place requires attention.

These are just some of the findings from the report, which will be released in full to participants and CLC members by the end of November.

The State of Innovation Report – Capability 2018 is the result of a survey piloted by the CLC and the University of Stellenbosch Business School to gain insight into the South African innovation ecosystem and to set the benchmark necessary for future progress.

The State of Innovation Report – Capability 2018 marks the first attempt to capture corporate practitioners’ and leaders’ insights for the benefit of the corporate space.

Paul Steenkamp, founder and facilitator of the CLC, says: ‘We wanted to measure, benchmark and report on how South African companies are doing at building their innovation capabilities so that they can lead the required changes within and between organisations.’


Dr Awie Vlok of Stellenbosch University Business School has extensive experience in the innovation space and collated the findings: ‘Our hope is that the findings will enable organisations and their leadership to review, share and improve their innovation capabilities and performance.’

Both partners are dedicated to helping companies realise their full innovation potential and are working to make innovation tangible for corporate leaders so that they can lead the required change within and between their organisations, while also contributing to the health of the South African innovation ecosystem.

‘This is the first edition of The State of Innovation Report,’ says Paul. ‘We’re committed to conducting ongoing research and publishing our findings every year, including expanding the scope to include sub-Saharan Africa.’

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