What’s the profile of a typical member?

While the exact title of our members varies from organisation to organisation, our typical member is an Executive or Senior Manager within their organisation.

What is most important is that the member brings a broad perspective of his or her organisation’s innovation activities, is willing to engage in discussion about issues and effective practices with others, and has the ‘pulling power’ to successfully invite relevant colleagues.

If I’m a member who can I bring along to the roundtables?

Having relevant colleagues attend events increases a member’s ability to apply the learnings more effectively back in their organisation. Using these invites strategically – can help generate awareness and acceptance for the innovation building underway.

Will members need to sign an NDA to participate in the Creative leadership Collective?

Nope. Members do not sign NDAs. All discussions are held under Chatham House rules. We do not publish any information that quotes specific members and companies by name without their prior written permission.

Who facilitates the Creative leadership Collective?

​We’re convened, hosted and managed by I am Jack Frost Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a private South African-based company. The CLC is proudly sponsored by the South African Water Research Commission.

What gave rise to the Creative leadership Collective?

Innovation practice is no longer the domain of a chosen few organizations. In an era of rapid technology and market change, companies in virtually every industry and of every shape and size must increase their capacity to innovate.

This is putting pressure on companies to figure out the best ways to nurture, manage, and measure innovation so that it delivers superior financial results, from strategy through execution. 

What makes the Creative Leadership Collective different from other other innovation platforms?

We do not focus on profiling and discussing our innovation outcomes. Rather, our focus is on innovation strategy, practice and management – in an African context.