All in a day’s work: A masterclass and the future of education

A tour of Future Nation Schools’ Fleurhof Campus and a masterclass with New York-based advisor, innovator and author Amy Radin was on the agenda for this CLC outing.

The Creative Leadership Collective aims to create experiences and open doors to the new and exciting innovation practices and events across not only South Africa, but the continent and the rest of the world.

Last month we were immersed in two worlds joined by innovative thinking when we enjoyed the privilege of Skyping in on a masterclass with Amy Radin at the Fleurhof campus of the truly inspiring Future Nation School.

Where innovation and education meet

Folks, the future of education in South Africa is here and it’s sitting in Joburg.

It’s difficult to imagine you’re in a country with plummeting education stats when you walk through a Future Nation School (FNS).

Founded by Sifiso Learning Group, an organisation on a mission to redefine education in South Africa, FNS is an affordable private school with a difference: It looks to promote and grow African excellence.

The FNS model is based on student-centered learning, high academic standards, problem-solving skills and a focus on applied research and development, including project-based teaching and learning.

The school puts its forward-thinking education system to play in an environment that caters for it

But most importantly to the future of business and progress in the country, FNS also stimulates young, energetic minds around the concepts of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, with a focus on African studies.

The school puts its forward-thinking education system to play in an environment that caters for it. Gone are long, dreary corridors, desks in uniform rows and learning by rote. Instead the spaces tech-enabled and arranged to maximise fluidity, flexibility and creativity.

CLC members were shown around the Fleurhof campus and saw first-hand where the next leaders of industry were going to come from.

Find out more about Future Nation Schools.

Closing the gap

We were also treated to a masterclass by New York-based advisor, innovator and author, Amy Radin ahead of the publication of her new book The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company.

Amy took us through the process of bridging the gap between an idea for a product and the market it’s aimed at: understanding the deeper problem you’re solving by unpacking what values align with the features and benefits of your product and aligning yourself with how people choose their solutions.

Her ‘user/buyer/payer/influencer’ framework is a tool designed to help you do this by assessing the aspirational values your customers hold and to unpack the nuanced ways in which their buying decisions are made based on these values and the influencers they turn to.

Before the event, CLC members and their invited guests were asked to bring a problem to the table that they would be able to explore using Amy’s framework. When the time came to workshop solutions around this, heads were down and the energy went up.

We’d like to thank her again for the opportunity to connect with her and her ideas and CLC members are reminded that they will be receiving a copy of her book shortly.

Amy’s is the second masterclass by highly regarded thought leaders in the field that the Creative Leadership Collective has facilitated locally. The first was an Innovation Metrics Masterclass presented by Dr Marc Sniukas, co-author of the Art of the Opportunity, and Danie Maritz from, at this year’s first CLC Lean Innovation Safari.

Find out more about Amy and her work. 

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