Welcome to Africa’s first community of innovation strategy, practice and management.

The Creative Leadership Collective is a peer-to-peer network of innovation leaders, providing a structured learning and sharing environment, designed to help grow members’ capacity to effectively bring innovation and creativity to South Africa’s organisations.

Connect. Complement. Collaborate. 

Together we review, promote and strengthen innovation strategy, management and practice through member-led roundtables, masterclasses, thinking exchanges, webinars and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We share our knowledge, challenges, ideas and experience to collectively create an African answer to the question: How can we increase the rate, success and impact of innovation in corporates?

Why here, why now?

In an era of rapid technology and market change, companies in virtually every industry and of every shape and size must increase their capacity to innovate.

This puts pressure on companies to find the best ways to nurture, manage and measure innovation to deliver superior financial results, from strategy through execution.

We believe in the power of what is attainable together…

But the creative leaders tasked with driving this innovation often face resistance as their role requires a fundamental questioning of the status quo within the company.

CLC offers innovation leaders a supportive peer group in which to share, discuss and learn how to successfully produce innovation results for our organisations.

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ – African proverb


CLC was founded by Paul Steenkamp who believes that innovation is both a human necessity and business differentiator. This drives him to help build and apply collective knowledge about why and how some companies innovate well and others don’t. Paul has been driving innovation in corporates since 2010.

CLC is proudly sponsored by the Water Research Commission.